The Chiropractic Adjustment

The spinal adjustment is the most important service a chiropractor can provide.  By correcting spinal misalignments we are able to influence the whole nervous system and every component of the body.  Nothing tops the chiropractic adjustment!

Not only do we provide the standard adjustment by hand, but we also use light adjusting tools.  These are especially useful with children and the elderly.

Our chiropractic tables are the most advanced using the lightest drops allowing the most comfort for both patient and doctor.


Therapies are used to enhance the effects of the chiropractic adjustment.

Deep Tissue Percussion
The next best thing to a massage!  This is a high frequency vibration instrument that works deep into the muscles alongside the spine and into your arms and legs.  By releasing tension in these supportive muscles we can reduce tension on the spine allowing for more flexibility.

Intersegmental traction 
Patients lay on a table that uses a massage-like roller to put motion into the spine thereby reducing arthritis pain and muscle spasms.

This therapy uses sound waves to apply deep heating to muscles in order to decrease inflammation, increase circulation, and decrease pain.

Muscle stimulation 
This therapy uses an electrical current to reduce muscle contractions and provide pain relief.

Spinal Traction

This is one of the best therapies to reduce damage to lumbar discs. Often this can prevent the need for surgery. Spinal nerves exit the spine through small openings between the vertebrae (spinal bones). If the openings are wide, the nerves function better; but if they get closed off, the nerves get "pinched" and problems will result. Causes of "pinched nerves" are bulged or herniated disks, disc degeneration, and spinal arthritis. If the problem is in the low back, it may cause pain to radiate down the leg. If it is in the neck, pain may radiate down the arm. Often times, people resort to injections and surgery to relieve their pain. However, in our office, we use traction to gently separate the vertebrae and take pressure off the nerves. Each session adds to the last with most people experiencing a 50-100% reduction in symptoms. Traction can be applied to the neck or low back.

Therapeutic exercises
Incorporating spine oriented therapeutic exercise into our care plans allows us to empower you rather than simply having you depend on us. Spinal and core exercises strengthen the specific muscles that support your spine and greatly enhance its function. While initially done in our office, our goal is to give you the best and most research proven exercises for your specific condition that you can do at home with confidence that you are doing the right exercises for your condition. This helps put you more in charge and in control of your spinal health.