Functional Medicine


Dr. Kjos' Natural Healing Program

Dr. Neil Kjos is a functional medicine doctor specializing in supporting the body's natural processes and helping the individual regain health naturally, the way it is supposed to be. Inflammation is the cause of nearly every disease process of the body. By identifying what these inflammatory processes are and eliminating them, our bodies can resume a healthy state again.


How does it work?

The process is actually quite simple: 


First: Take a detailed patient health history and listen to patient concerns

Second: Identify the causes of inflammation through lab testing

Third: Remove the causes of inflammation through diet and supplementation

Fourth: Retest the body to determine the state of improvement


With time, not only should the individual feel better, but we should also be able to demonstrate the body is healthier by retesting.

Depending on the severity of the problems, results may vary. However, some patients may experience positive changes in the first couple weeks. 


Some of the problems patients seek help for include:

1. Autoimmune Disorders

2. Weight-loss

3. Diabetes

4. Fatigue

5. Heart Disease

6. Fibromyalgia

7. Mood Disorders

8. Rheumatism

9. Mental Decline

10. Thyroid Conditions


What do the appointments consist of?

First Visit

Patient history and goals

Metabolic assessment and examination

Order a comprehensive blood profile


Second Visit

Discuss the patient's metabolic assessment

Discuss blood profile results

Make nutritional and lifestyle recommendations

Order any additional testing if necessary

Supply any necessary supplementation


Subsequent Visits

Monitor the patient's progress

Continue to support the healing of the body

Order periodic testing if necessary


Some of the available testing:

Blood Chemistry Profile

Food Sensitivities

Gluten Sensitivity Screen

Dairy Sensitivity Screen

Chemical Reactivity Screen

Leaky Gut (Intestinal Permeability)

Thyroid Profile

Lipid Profile

Sex Hormone Profile

Adrenal Gland Profile

Intestinal Health and Digestion

Blood Brain Permeability

Brain Neurotransmitters Profile


What is the cost?

Initial cost is $350, which includes the first two visits and comprehensive blood profile

Subsequent office visits are $75

Lab fees are paid directly to the lab. The office is not compensated for lab tests.

Cost for any supplementation


How do I make an appointment?

Simple! Call our staff anytime to set up a convenient time for us to meet. Call 423-825-5252


Can future visits be conducted over the phone?

Yes.  It is always better to have your consultations in person, however, sometimes that is not possible. Dr. Kjos will spend all the time necessary to complete a successful consultation. Lab kits and supplements can be sent to your house. This is only for existing patients. 

Dr. Kjos' program is for the sole purpose of supporting the body through lab testing, diet, lifestyle, and supplementation. It is in no way to replace the care of your primary care physician. 


Click here to download your Food Diary (PDF)

Click here to download your Metabolic Assessment (PDF)